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ActiveNP is a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing for nurse practitioners. We believe strongly in the work you do, and we understand how hard it is. Over years of working with NPs, we have discovered the pain points of the practice. We also understand the needs you have to be seen as professional equals to MDs, whose practices currently take on more than they can handle. These doctors are finding a heavier workload and many patients in need. It only makes sense that these patients be told that there are professional health care options that can give them the attention they need. Cue ActiveNP, where we bring recognition to you as a nurse practitioner. Your ability to practice medicine is crucial to society, and your work keeps the rest of us sane and healthy. Why wouldn’t we want to give you the attention and the patients you need to continue your great service?

In previous studies, it has been noted time and again that nurse practitioners have a success rate equal to that of their MD contemporaries, often with much more patient satisfaction to a great effect. In addition, the population of people in need of medical treatment is continually increasing. Those patients and practices who utilize doctors for their services pay through the nose to receive their treatment, often leaving unsatisfied due to the fact that doctors are being spread so thin. The role of NPs in the country, however, has simply expanded in the past 10 years to an amazing degree. And because of their high medical competence, NPs also present the solution to an industry with such problematic spending. The people who are in need of attention can get it from an NP. That way, they’ll be able to receive the highest quality medical care while being satisfied with what they do spend on treatment. So, the right solution for the medical industry, the right solution for the US, is to help nurse practitioners get recognition for their work as equals in medical practice. We are passionate about this goal, and it’s the reason we plan to help further the movement!

Only 22 states in the US allow independent nursing practice for nurse practitioners. The other 28 states still uphold reduced or restricted practice regulations. It’s our hope that by providing the services we have to offer, we will be able to help make the change to these remaining states. It takes effort to market an independent nursing practice. With our help, though, it becomes easier and more manageable, creating a prime example of how these practices can operate for the states that have yet to make the change. With enough to show for it, it will only be a matter of time before other states recognize the value in nurse practitioners all over!

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