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We are a full-service digital marketing agency exclusively working with NPs and nurses who decided to become entrepreneurs. We understand that starting your own business can be tough, that’s why are passionate about helping the nursing community
gain more visibility and bring more patients to their practice.

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Our Services

Custom Nurse Practitioner Websites

At ActiveNP, we create websites for nurse practitioners that simplify how to market their practice online, so they can focus on providing the utmost in client communications and to highlight their standards of service. A website that is properly optimized can bring in a number of new patients. With the ability to broadcast your services to the Internet, you’ll also find patients that you wouldn’t find through conventional marketing. On top of that, a website can help to generate clientele on its own; this means that you’ll continue working on what you do best while the patients keep coming. As a standing brochure of the services you offer, nurse practitioner websites can help you find the people most in need of your help. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or weeks from now, your site will stand at the ready for all to find.

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Nurse Practitioner SEO Services

When you have a website to gain patients, it’s a good idea to invest in some SEO for your site. Search engine optimization, or SEO is simply the strongest and surest way to make sure people find your site. ActiveNP can do the work for you, emphasizing the right keywords and doing the proper research to make sure that your site shows up on relevant searches. This practice takes time and effort, of course, but it pays off. SEO is a marketing tactic with a considerably high return, so with that time and effort put in, you can see your website rank on Google and other search engines. With enough of the work, your site can even outrank the competition, and people searching for available providers can come across you much more often. By increasing these ranks, your site will earn more and more visitors.

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Social Media for Nurse Practitioners

It’s hard to work and to promote your services all at the same time. At ActiveNP, we offer social media marketing for nurse practitioners that helps to bring attention to your practice. We understand nursing well, and we’re able to present your practice to the world on social platforms to create proper awareness. In addition, creating a social presence for your practice lets people see the real you. With a better idea of what to expect from you, more people will be interested in your practice. Better yet, they’ll know that they can return to a practitioner that knows how to keep people engaged. Build your social presence today, and let people learn more about what makes you such a great nurse practitioner.

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Google Ads Marketing for Your Practice

The best way to earn new patients these days is through Google. Finding patients is hard, but letting them find you is a walk in the park. ActiveNP is a professional team that understands Google Ads when it comes to marketing for nurse practitioners. It’s an incredible return if you’re using the ads to earn new business in Google searches that are relevant to your practice. It’s even more successful, too, if you let us use Google Ads to remarket to patients you’ve had before. With the comprehensive tools available to us on the Google Ads platform, we’re able to bring business to you like never before. To use paid advertising, you need a budget. But with our campaigns, you set the budget and we simply manage the work. After all this, you can focus on your patients while we market your practice and bring in results. You shouldn’t have to wonder how to reach people. Let us bring them to you!

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Websites for Nurse Practitioners

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Why Us

ActiveNP has a professionally exclusive specialization in its marketing for nurse practitioners. We have worked with practices throughout the years, taking on the exclusive knowledge needed to properly help them. We know how to take care of your needs because we’ve taken the time to learn what those are. Our years of experience with NPs gives us the “in” that you need in a competitive, growing market of professionals who are able to run their own practice. Our edge makes us the most nurse-practitioner-oriented marketing agency, and we look forward to bringing you the value we have to offer your practice. However, you want to promote your practice, your best asset is someone who understands the work you do. Not only do we understand, but we care. Our passion for taking care of nurse practitioners is the reason that we do this, and we can show you in the work that we do.

A Caring Team of Professionals

Service requires work, and we have seen the work that nurse practitioners do over our years of working with them. As a result, we wanted to help them get recognition for that work. With a precedent of forging relationships with NPs, we found that the best way to get them that recognition was in our own work. By emphasizing the amazing services provided by nurse practitioners in the US, we are able to give you a bit more of the praise and the business you deserve!

Like you, we are simply here because we believe we can make a difference.

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